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Get Outside

Outside play and exploration is so important to kids and adults!

Studies have shown that the more time you spend outdoors the healthier you are mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Exploring outdoors increases wonder, curiosity, self-reliance, confidence, and knowledge, while also decreasing stress, aggression, and anxiety!

Below are some great ideas on how to increase your time outdoors and where to go!

How To Get Outside

Sometimes it feels hard to get outdoors.  Below are some tips, tricks, and pointers for exploring outdoors!

  • Dress for the weather.  If you dress for the right weather you will find out there is no bad weather...only wrong clothing!

  • Make a plan for food and water.  If you are planning to be out longer than a few hours make sure you bring food and water with you.

  • Keep it simple.  Remember you don't have to accomplish can just BE outdoors and play (even if you are an adult)! 

  • Be sure to check out our Partners & Links page to find out more great ideas!


Where To Go

Finding a place to go outdoors can sometimes be hard.  Below are some ideas and tips on finding a great nature spot!

  • Remember you are part of nature.  Anywhere can be an exploration!

  • Research before you go.  Some places are closed on the weekend, don't allow pets or bikes, or may be temporary closed due to maintenance or conditions.  Check before you go.

  • Sometimes closer to home is better.  Neighborhood parks, local trails, and open space can be just as adventurous as the mountains if you have the right perspective!

  • Be sure to check out our Partners & Links page to some great locations to explore!

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