First Wild Week of Wild Nature Breaks:
March 16th - 20th

Monday, March 16th

We had a great first day of Wild Nature Breaks!  Our Wild Word of the Day was Invertebrate!  We found some invertebrates (rolli-pollies, millipedes, ladybugs, etc.), learned that an invertebrate is an animal without bones, and learned that they make up 97% of the known animal species!  Check us out on Facebook to see our videos from the day!


Wednsday, March 18th

What a beautiful day for learning about States of Matter, our Wild Words of the Day!  We had a blast with ice experiments, learning about solids, liquids, and gasses, and seeing what makes ice melt.  Check us out on Facebook to see our videos from the day!


Friday, March 20th

Yay it's Friday!  Our Wild Word of the day was Echolocation and we talked about one of our favorite critters...bats!  We learned that bats use echolocation to find their prey (insects), that they can eat over 600 insects in 1 hour, that they are mammals like us, and that many love to be in a community like us!  Click here to view our Facebook video or here to check out a list of the bats in Colorado!  Also here is another link for a bat coloring sheet!

pallid bat.jpg

Tuesday, March 17th

This morning was cold, so we made bird feeders during our first Wild Nature Break at 10 am.  Our Wild Word of the Day was Caching.  Caching means to store/hide food (items) to retrieve later.  Many birds and animals cache food in the fall and retrieve it in the winter when food is more scarce.  The day warmed up and we had a great God's Nature Break at 2 pm.  We played a caching game and learned how we can help others during this crazy, stressful time. Check us out on Facebook to see our videos from the day!


Thursday, March 19th

Today was a tough one!  It was snowing outside and beautiful but wet and cold.  So we tried to get creative and do indoor activities related to our Wild Word of the Day...Scavengers!  We learned about vultures, tested our sense of smell, and attempted to do a Creation Scavenger Hunt indoors.  To see our videos, check out our Facebook page.  Thanks for tuning in!