Wild Week 1

Week 1 was our first week of How to Stay Wild!  We offered a Wild Nature Break and a Wild Word of the Day each day.


Wild Week 2

For week 2 we switched to offering Wild Nature Breaks on Wednesday and a Wild Topic of the Week. 

This week our Wild Topic of the Week was Caves!  Below are links to our fun!


Wild Week 3

This week we learned about Native plants and animals.  We learned how to plant Columbine (our State flower) and that native plant and animals are great for our ecosystem.

mold day 9.jpg

Wild Week 4

We learned about Fungus this week!  

  • Click here to see our 10 am Wild Nature Break and join us in our Bread Mold experiment!

We learned that yeast is a fungus also!​

earth day 2020.jpg

Wild Week 6

April 22nd was the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!  We celebrated by picking up over 50 pieces of trash and challenging YOU to do the same in your yard, neighborhood and community!

Wild Week 7

Bacteria is EVERYWHERE!  But before you start to freak out and scrub every service, space, and thing, know that we could NOT live without Bacteria!

Wild Week 8

For our last Wild Nature Breaks we talked about Viruses!  Viruses can be scary and  unpredictable.  

But what is a virus actually?